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Outdoor Programs Created with You, for You.

We at Camp Somerset are committed to giving you the highest quality Outdoor Education experience  “with the Spirit of adventure”.
























Camp Somerset Outdoor Programs Philosophy-

In a world where technology and business reigns, outdoor adventure is more important than ever. We believe that Outdoor Adventure holds a tremendous potential in values transfer and development of character. Our goal is to link people - Young and Old - from this technological age to an adventure in the outdoors through an environmentally engaged and educational journey! 

"People more than ever need Challenge and Adventure in their lives and the growth that comes from that. We aim to provide these essential elements in a beautiful, fun and safe environment."


Your Outdoor Adventure Program awaits! Camp Somerset's Program Director and Staff will work with you to design the program that suits the outcomes your desire.  Our experienced staff will have ideas and/or activities that can give you the right mix of Outdoor Education or Outdoor Recreation that your program requires - Your entire program is Created with You, For you.

A sequenced program throughout the years of school is ideal. Building on outdoor adventure experiences through experiential learning that will give confidence in physical, social and mental skills for life! We believe this is best gained through different experiences. Camp Somerset is ideal for a Primary age and High School age group, to fit in with the sequence of programs your school or group has planned.


An example of what we can offer your group could include: Journey Based Expedition Programs, Canoeing, Archery, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Flying Fox, Abseiling, Giant Swing, Bush walking, Mountain Biking, Raft Building and more! 

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